Hallo and welcome to my site. My name is Noa.  In 2016  I went to a workshop face painting... And subsequently I developed a love for bodyart.  After some courses I discovered special make-up.


June 2017: To be trained, I started practicing every week and from then on you can see all my exercises (end result) in the menu Face & Body Art. In addition, I have a blog (Dutch). In this blog I will try for anyone who, like me, has an interest in face and bodypaint, grime and sfx makeup a way in this particular world. I intend to take you in my search for ... workshops, events, materials, artists, photographers and inspiration sources.


December 2018:  I started my first film adventure as a mua. Soon hair, wiggs and customized prosthetics were added.  If you want to read more about my movie adventure, check  Movie here you will also find photos from behind the scenes.


March 2020: Covid-19, a tough time. Hardly no work since 2020.  In the meantime I started Rijk Design. Would you like to see more of our interior- and exterior designs? www.rijkdesign.nl or Rijk Design.


Purely for fun; every now and then I still will post some photoshoots!


So I hope you enjoy having fun ready and looking on this site.






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